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    Hi ! This is James and I am working as a paralegal for New York Law Firm. Most trucking accidents involving Commercial vehicles which includes Commercial Trucks, and 18 Wheelers can easily result in serious and catastrophic injuries. If in case smaller vehicles are involved in the accident it proves fatal for the car occupants. Various truck accidents take place in New York State every month.


    Trucking Accidents result from negligence of truck drivers and sometimes other vehicles plying on the road. Normally, it is advisable for smaller vehicles keep their distance from 18 Wheelers but can come in direct contact with the Trucks due to dangerous acts committed by car drivers in the area of large trucks are.


    Some of these dangerous acts are as below:-


    • Small vehicles driving in the "No-Zones" areas or driving at the back or beside to a commercial truck and the truck driver is unable to see due to poor visibility. 
    • Changing path quickly in front of a truck 
    • Abruptly turning to the right of a truck without switching on the indicator. 
    • Rashly entering into the oncoming traffic,
    • Driving in-between huge trucks. 

    A large number of trucking accidents takes place in New York due to negligent driving, which may be due to recklessness and negligence by the truck driver. Some of the other reasons of the truck accidents resulting from negligence of truck driver are:


    • Exhaustion/drowsiness 
    • lacking concentration by the truck driver
    • Fast driving by the truck driver
    • Pitiable condition of the truck or trailer
    • Overloading the truck
    • Driving with a dicey road
    • Driving under the influence of liquor
    • Badly maintained tires
    • Driving fast in bad weather 
    • Careless over-taking on the road
    • Trucks blocking a car driver's view

    When you get injuries because of negligent truck driver then you are immediately entitled for a personal injury compensation claim from the trucking company. Do speak with your truck accident attorney to get free consultation now

    Motorcycle Accidents

    If you are involved in any type of motorcycle accident, you must speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer before agreeing to an arrangement coming from an insurance company. Injuries resulting fro motorcycles cause massive physical, mental shock and can have an undesirable impact on the basic way of life of the immediate family members. In New York State, the rules for motorcycle accident cases are different than for car accidents.


    In auto accident cases such as car accident, your medical bills and lost wages are paid by the insurance company for the car you were in at the time of the accident. This is part of the New York No Fault Law. This law is also applicable to pedestrians or bicyclists who are injured in a collision with the car. However, this "No-Fault" coverage for a car is not applicable in case motorcycle driver (or motorcycle passenger) collides with the car.


    The No-Fault Law in New York generally does not apply to motorcycles, and the coverage is not covered in motorcycle insurance policies. An injured motorcyclist or motorcycle passenger will often have substantial medical bills and lost wages. These may be paid by some other form of insurance, or the motorcyclist/passenger may have to deal with them out of his or her own pocket.


    Motorcycle Accidents can result in some of the most serious types of personal injuries. Some of the injuries involved in motorcycle accident include-


    - Road Rash

    - Bone Fractures

    - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

    - Spinal Cord Injury

    - Disfigurement

    - Fatality


    It is important to speak with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer right after the accident for highest compensation claim.

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    Various Law Firms in New York represent victims of truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. You must speak with your attorney for a free legal advice.

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    Accident Lawyers in New York City provide legal help to the victims of accident injuries.

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